Thursday, November 7, 2013

Dear Diary...... (Part Four)

Celebrate good times, come on! Yeah, there were some good times going on here. c:
Here are some entries out of my journal from April and May 2012


Amber and I just filled Kari’s car with balloons. We didn’t do anything for April Fool’s Day, and then she came up here and was showing us prank videos. What were we supposed to do, not fill her car with balloons? Come on. She left the windows open.

Amber, Kari, Jill, and I just spent a couple hours fulfilling a cliché-- we sat on the floor of Amber’s room and talked about our future weddings and wedding receptions and looked at pictures and whatnot. As I said, the only thing that would have made it more “single women-y” would be if we were eating chocolate ice cream out of the carton.

I do like that he is punctual. (Observation from rereading that sentence: Punctual? I sound like McGonagall, who is not exactly a queen of dating.)

 The first time I saw Thor:

Ladies, Chris Hemsworth is HOT. You don’t understand. I don’t love muscle men, and I seldom like blond guys, and cocky heroes do not turn me on. But this man, this man, this hunk of beautiful MAN! He is so HOT. Those arms……oh my gosh he’s just so big! And when he had his shirt off for a while………yeah, I’m just gonna sit here and think about that with a big smile on my face for a minute. Plus he has facial hair AND long hair, which are both powerful weaknesses of mine. I’m telling you, the man looks like a mixture of a lumberjack and a L’Oreal commercial.

He is so strong, and I just want to throw myself at him and make out with him, which is not usually something I want to do with the hero. The guy is a little pompous, and slightly foolhardy, and flies in a ridiculous fashion, but he is SO HOT. Sorry for reiteration, but I’m still in shock from HIS SIX PACK HITTING ME IN THE FACE. Chris Hemsworth: No girl is ever prepared.
Watched Captain America for the first time. Shane was over. When he (Captain America, not Shane) burst out of the facility and into modern times I literally screamed with surprise (I usually see stuff like that coming, but I was way wrapped up in the moment) and he (Shane, not Captain America) started laughing. He also laughed when I was covering my face with a pillow and rocking back and forth. Jill: What are you laughing about? Me: I’m not laughing. I’m crying for Captain America.  

At Big Thunder Mountain Railroad as Bethany, Julia, and I were walking through the line, this guy comes on the intercom and says, “There are two lines, people. You can use both of them. There is the left line, which everyone seems to be using right now, and there is the right lane…which no one seems to be using right now.” We laughed and moved a little further. He comes again. “There are TWO lines. TWO.” We realize he is having a problem with this. He comes on again. “There are two lines!” and did a sarcastic shocked gasp. It was the funniest thing I have ever heard over an intercom.

Bethany and I had a laugh attack in the swimming pool today. I almost drowned like twenty times. But what if the Von Trapps couldn’t stop laughing while they were hiding from the Nazis? And what kind of videos would come up if you searched for “Homeless guy takes pictures at the zoo”? Have you ever thought about these things? Also, we had a very difficult time getting into the too hot tub without dying because it was approximately seventy million degrees. 

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