Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Dust Off Your Highest Hopes

"All I know is we said hello/ So dust off your highest hopes/ All I know since yesterday is/ Everything has changed."

So there has been a.....development in my personal life. Perhaps we can't even call it that. But it's a development for me, so shut up. Ever since we met a couple months ago all of our interactions have been more and more positive, and we've even been out of a date. (!) My past experiences are clearly being not that girl, and this continuation of awesomeness is terrifying. I don't know what to do in this situation.

I know he likes talking to me. Like, I KNOW it. He came to the Halloween party at my house and we talked for six freaking hours. I'm pretty sure he likes talking to me, I don't think he said twenty words to anyone else. I'm just not sure if he sees me as, you know, a GIRL or just someone who will talk about geeky stuff with him. I've been stuck in the Fictional Discussion Zone before. I'm trying not to get my expectations up, but my heart has no mind and insists on what it will. If this is going to not happen I want it to be horrible now when it's only a moderately high cliff.

He doesn't have to talk to me so much. And if he doesn't know that I like him, he's more idiotic than I thought. If he does know how I feel and he's doing it anyway, I'm going to hate him. 

Oh my gosh, feelings are just the worst and I want them to go away until I have proof that he's actually interested in me because right now they are making me wish I was dead. If he doesn't like me he needs to never talk to me again, not even joking.

It's gotta happen sometime, right?

I do love/ He does heartbreak/ I'll do love til he breaks my heart
I do love/ He does heartbreak/ I'll do love til he breaks my heart 

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