Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Dear Diary....

I've kept a journal steadily for the the last three or four years. Reading what I've written makes me reflect on how I've grown, how my life has changed, and the amazing people I've met. Plus, it's always good for a laugh. I reviewed late 2011 lately-- here are some excerpts that have made me smile when rereading.

After getting out from the concert I realized I didn’t really know where I had parked. I told her that I would figure it out. I knew I had only crossed two streets- once on my own without a traffic light, and once following a group of people across a traffic light. “How hard could it be?” I wondered. I was about to find out. I swear I found every parking lot within a four block radius of the Marriott Center, but I knew none of them were right. The only thing I knew besides the street crossings was that it had a sign that said Events Parking. I figured I was getting close. After going back to the Marriott MANY times I knew which doors I had gone in, which steps I had gone down, and now figured there were only two options. I think I tried the wrong one a lot. I know I went several ways more than once. I don’t know how it happened, but after TWO HOURS of looking, I saw the Events Parking sign that had been so elusive.

Bethany, Julia, Dad, Emma, and I played Risk last night. I drew Great Britain was all, “ENGLAND! I get England!” I drove everybody else out of Europe so I could protect “Fair Mother England” and held it for quite a while. It was nice to have the extra armies. Australia changed hands three times but eventually ended up with Bethany, who fortified Siam extremely much. Dad got out fairly early, and then we got Julia out after making alliances. I would have gone out next, but Bethany had very bad luck when attacking, and I wore down her two countries. Then I got a trade in so I got a lot of armies and made Ural (my last surviving country) my base. At this point it was very late and we were quite giggly. It was very fun, and movie quotations abounded. Emma even said, "For shame!" Emma was trying to bring her two big armies together. Bethany just kept putting more people into Siam, and I was trying not to die by only taking one country a turn and then trying to fortify all of them. I had about four countries for a base and named my (small) empire New Shakespeare Land. I did take back Fair Mother England! We finally decided to split the world.

Cut onions at work today. Cried. Provided entertainment for everyone walking by. “There’s no crying in baseball!” “Oh, it’s getting emotional!” “This is the best part of the job.”

Got Utah license plates and cashed first paycheck as well as posting a collab channel video. Achievement!

Wrote journal entry in third person with short sentences in sharp contrast to the last one (with the parenthetical remarks). Wonders about sanity-- surely most people don’t comment on their natural literary moods of the day. Disregards and takes as sign of future greatness.
Rehearsal last night was pretty easy. This is something that can definitely not be said for the dance we worked on today: "Bad." The title pretty much explains my dancing. I was never meant to be a Michael Jackson back-up dancer.... At least I got closer with Elisha and Abbey, who were also very lost. Because we’re in the back, we could hardly see the choreographer's feet. But we bonded with much self-deprecation and laughter, and that was good. “I’m not crying because I suck, I’m crying because…I suck.”

While hanging out with Jess the other day I was called by a continuing education person. He asked what I was going into, I told him theatre, and he was looking through his database. Having done research, I was waiting for him to tell me about the University of Utah, SUU, and Weber State. He didn’t find any of those. Instead he found interior design and creative writing programs. So, thanks for that.

 We went sledding this morning with the Akins this morning. I was only mildly terrified, but I avoided dying. Once I went down with Dallin. We were going along very fast, and Zander Andreasen was walking along with Adam on his shoulders, who had pulled Zander’s hat over his eyes. We were yelling, “Get out of the way!” but he didn’t hear us, I guess. So I yank on the rope to steer it, which really isn’t very effective. I had time to say to Dallin, “This isn’t going to end well,” and then we were tumbling over our sides into the snow. I wasn’t worried about myself, and had tried to shelter Dallin, and after making sure he was okay and getting him untangled from the rope we both laughed about it and gave each other high fives “for surviving” as Dallin says. It was kind of fun in retrospect, though I wouldn’t do it on purpose.

This is my life, people.

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  1. Thanks for sharing. You brought back many great "Rebecca" memories. Oh how I miss those "Rebecca" moments when you aren't around. You are amazing just the way you are. I love you!!