Tuesday, October 25, 2011

A Great Weekend

My family came to visit on Friday, and just left this morning. I missed them as soon as I started walking away, but it was so great to have them come! I was excited to talk to them, hug them, laugh with them and do the things that I have been missing.

We watched Hello, Dolly! and Arthur (the greatest television show ever) as well as an episode of The Sing-Off. (I thought the Dartmouth Aires did best, but I also like Vocal Point.) Dad, Julia, Bethany, Emma, and I played a very intense game of Risk that ended late at night with Bethany blockading Australia, Emma trying to combine her two massive armies, and me hanging out in New Shakespeare Land (four Asian countries plus Fair Mother England and Scandinavia). Matthew was a spectator and Julia was also watching after we teamed up to get her out. She took England!

This morning we got to go to Hogle Zoo, which is great. The animals had just been fed and were very active. We even saw two tigers fighting! It was exciting. Joshua loved the monkeys, although he was a little frightened of the gorilla. He wanted to see snakes and did. I thought that the Black-footed Cat was the cutest animal there. The Bat-eared Fox came right up to the glass and was walking around, which was great. Two of the wolves were also running around and I love wolves. There is a baby elephant and some baby meerkats as well. Joshua got to feed the turkeys some corn. It was a great way to end the visit. When I have a family of my own, I pray it's just like mine.

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