Sunday, November 20, 2011

Future Plans

So I watched Mr. Holland's Opus, finally. It's been on my list for years. I loved it. It inspired me and terrified me at the same time. I love how Mr. Holland (for the life of me I cannot remember his first name) was a great teacher and helped everyone make better lives and SPOILERS finally got to conduct his symphony, but it was after thirty years. I don't want to spend thirty years of my life knowing that I would rather be doing something else. I want to make a living at what I love, not what I can get by on.

In consequence of watching the film, I decided I needed to make a plan. I've been looking at colleges again, because I really want to get back to school. Although Southern Utah University is still my favorite Utah school, it's down in Cedar City, and I have fallen in love with Salt Lake. Also, I'd rather not job-hunt for as long as possible. So the school that I'd really like to go to (right now) is the University of Utah. The College of Fine Arts just announced a Musical Theatre program!

Things I am being forced to remember about college applications:
-College is VERY expensive.
-You must remember everywhere you've been for the last three years.
-They are just as stressful as college.

Anyway, the priority deadline is December 1, and I can't say how nice it would be to have all of my stuff in by then, so I'm doing my best to get it done. If I can't be working at theatre professionally, I can go to school and work towards that point.

"I think the biggest mistake people make is not trying to make a living at what they most enjoy." -Malcolm Forbes

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