Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Annie (1999 Disney Version)

Musical of the moment for me (at least film wise) is Annie. Not the Andrea McArdle version, but a made-for-television one that Disney released in 1999. It has Audra McDonald (Ragtime) and Kristin Chenoweth (Wicked, You're a Good Man Charlie Brown, Promises, Promises) for your dose of Broadway magic, as well as Alan Cumming, Kathy Bates, and Victor Garber.

I hadn't seen Annie for years, or even listened to the songs from it, besidess the classic "Tomorrow" and "It's a Hard Knock Life." I didn't have the highest expectations. Let's face it, made-for-television versions are seldom that great. But I was pleasantly suprised. I lovd McDonald and Chenoweth, though that's to be expected. I was already a huge fan. But I also loved Garber as Daddy Warbucks, and his chemistry with McDonald was fantastic. The soundtrack will be stuck in my head for days, I can tell.

♫ Easy street, easy street.... ♪

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