Wednesday, June 24, 2015

"So, How Are You?"

Doing well, thank you. 

Busy. Busy, busy, busy. Much busier than I've been for a long time, in an odd way. It's not that I've had rehearsal (although rehearsals for my next project start tomorrow), it's just that things keep popping up. I think I've been home with nothing to do maybe two nights in the last two weeks. It's a blessing for someone who usually marks her calendar with a star to represent when she went to he library. 

My family is in town for the week and I've been spending time with them, which is always a delight. We'll be doing baptisms in the Draper temple, and it's been years since I've had that experience with them. Walking little kids to the splash park, listening to my sister's EFY adventures, and getting long hugs from mom-- I'm going to miss these people intensely when they all vanish to Virginia for a year. (It's cool. I'm jealous. Let's not even talk about the fact that three of my siblings AND my best friend will likely leave on missions in the next eighteen months.) 

The process of moving to a new house has begun again. Not far, and not completely for another week, but it's stressful. Boxes, boxes everywhere. I literally had a dream last night that I couldn't find enough boxes, and the ones I could find were too small. Interpret that how you will. 

Work is constantly busy. I'm learning a completely new process, so I feel a bit like a new employee again. I'm excited to have the skill set, I'm just not excited to learn it. (I feel that way about quite a few aspects of my life right now, actually. I'll be happy to get there, but the journey isn't exactly my favorite thing.) (Yes, I've listened to "Joy in the Journey" recently.)

When it comes to rough patches there's no way to go around them, or over them, or even under them. As tempting as it would be to crawl under the covers and never leave, it's not the way. You have to go through. That's why I'm grateful for all the random events that have been making appearances in my life, keeping me from doing just that. (Don't worry, I still find time to rewatch Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Season six is killing me-- again-- with how perfect it is.) 

I'm trying to say yes to more things. Do I want to participate in a script read through for a friend's independent film? You know it. Would I like to help out with the Days of 47 parade? Sure. There's a cute guy with a beard who wants to buy you frozen yogurt and talk about math, are you down for that? Umm, absolutely. 

I'm saying yes to faith and yes to scripture study and yes to being okay. It's a daily choice. "You learn to count the quiet wins/ An hour with no unprompted tears."

And when you have the sheet music to Newsies and access to a piano, that's a win. That's a "I'll give these books back if and when I'm good and ready to" win.


And I don't really care if nobody else believes, cuz I've still got a lot of fight in me! 

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