Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Dear Diary.... (Part Three)

Journal entries from March 2012
The opera itself was of the highest quality and very entertaining. My emotional state was not of the highest quality, and so watching an opera where a girl literally has the option to marry one guy to make another one jealous was perhaps not the best choice possible.

There are so many people at BYU! At one point we were stopped because we didn’t have student IDs, and I guess they keep the super secret BYU stuff back there, or something.

Sometimes I’m impressed with the wittiness of my past self. When did I lose that? I want to be like, look, [name]! Look at all this stuff that makes us similar and is the fodder of two clever people becoming an adorable couple!

I am making progress through War and Peace-- I’m about halfway through Part II. It’s gotten easier to follow now that they’re just mainly talking about the interaction of one character with the others. I just want to know what made Tolstoy be like, “I should sit down and write thirteen hundred pages about Russian people. Yes, I definitely should.” It’s brilliant, but, wow, man. That’s a lot of pages. 

I’ve started coming up with names for the seventy-three cats that I’m going to live with since I so utterly fail at attracting men. Utterly, I’m telling you. UTTERLY. Tolstoy and Tchaikovsky, for starters. Tristan? Tennant? Tabitha? WHO EVEN KNOWS?! One of the lovely things about cats is that they will never judge you for going downstairs to eat cereal in pajama pants and a bra at midnight. Thanks, cats. 

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