Friday, September 13, 2013

Dear Diary.... (Part Two)

Taking another lighthearted stroll down memory lane. Sometimes I worry about the odd glasses I see the world through. Journal entries from early 2012

I just discovered the sensation that is peanut butter toast. Why have I never eaten this before. Why. It is so good. Can't even use question marks, that is how good it is. Also, when I was on the phone today scheduling an audition, the guy said I sounded like I’d had extensive experience in musical theatre. I consider that win. That’s a being identified as a theatre freak even over the phone win!
         Restarting the on-hold-since-July Ivanhoe and getting past the first two chapters: Accomplished

        Making goals for at least the short term: Accomplished

      Accepting that I'm almost through the tenth Doctor's seasons: Not accomplished


I just sort of want to show up at his house and be like, “Hey, we both love Harry Potter and Doctor Who, so naturally we’d be a great couple and I think this is where you kiss me.” The only problems with this scenario are: A) I have no idea where he lives, and B) He would likely have no idea who I am. Other than that, it is one hundred percent foolproof.

Today Kelli was telling us the story of her CRAZY temporary roommate before we went home. The guy is insane. He didn’t bring any stuff besides a razor and a toothbrush, and when left alone in the house he ate ALL of the food (a five-pound jar of nuts and uncooked cornbread mix included) and used ALL of the dishes in the house (right down to eating cereal with a measuring spoon) while washing none of them. He set the fire alarm off at one and then again at two in the morning. When Kelli was getting ready for work in the morning he just sat in his completely empty room. He claims he has a car, but it has never been seen.
UPDATE ON KELLI’S ROOMATE: He has moved out, but left a pile of toenail clippings behind, as is fitting and representative of his stay. 

There was a brighter spot in my day when we got candy. That in an of itself is a bright spot, but I had it sitting there on the desk, not going to eat it till lunch, but it looked so good, so in between calls I put some m&ms into my mouth, even though a call could come any second, and realized, “I am just like Donny Osmond.” You see, back in Powell 97.9 had Donny’s DJ program and I would hear his crazy stories. I’m not a huge fan of Donny Osmond. But I will never forget this story. He was in a show and he entered flying over the audience singing. He had a chocolate ├ęclair that had been tempting him all day, and he stuffed it into his mouth while getting into costume, the harness, etc, and ended up spewing it all over the audience. But nothing bad happened in my case, although I had to compare myself to Donny Osmond. 

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  1. Oh Rebecca, I love reading your thoughts. You make me smile. You are an amazing young lady. Thanks for sharing!! I love you!! Love, Mom