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Rebecca Blogs Fan X - Day Two

FAN X DAY TWO ROCKED MY FREAKING SOCKS OFF. FIGURATIVELY SPEAKING, OF COURSE. Remember yesterday when my recap was all of two minutes? This entry is not going to be anything like that.

I had the day off from work, and no other conflicts. Aww yis. The first panel I wanted to go to was Gillian Anderson at ten, so I showed up at ten. However they switched Gillian to eleven, and the vendor floor wasn’t open for us lowly multipass holders, so I jumped into the new ten o’clock panel, which was William B Davies and Mitch Peliggi, both of whom were on X-Files. I knew Mitch from Supernatural (I hated his character) and William B Davies was the main villain of X-Files, known only as the mysterious Cigarette Smoking Man, or CSM. Although I wouldn’t have made this panel a priority, I’m glad I went. William Davies impressed me; he’s one of those classy old actors you kind of want to be your great-uncle.
William and Mitch
Highlights from this panel:

William Davies thinks that CSM was actually the protagonist of X-Files, and has a theory that explains why Mulder is the antagonist.

Mitch likes to get in twitter fights with people.

Asked what role they wish got more attention, William Davies paused, then said, “When I was twelve I played Aladdin. I think you should have seen that.”

Question: What was your favorite part of filming X-Files? William Davies: “The convention in London where I met my wife.” Mitch: “OKAY no mine is where I met my wife on set too. [to Davies] You stole my line.”

It was a great panel. NOW it was time for Gillian Anderson. (I already knew that I was going to be in the ballroom, where these celebrity panels take place, for the next four hours, so I was bunkered down for the long hall. Granola bars and Gatorade.)
While I still haven’t finished X-Files (I think I left off somewhere in the third season), Scully is one of my favorite strong female characters. Girl knows what’s up. I have a sticky note on my desktop that says, “Dana Scully would not put up with this disrespect” to remind me to stand up for myself sometimes. Of course I was excited to see the actress who brought her to life.
Because I’m a dork even at Comic Con, I brought a notebook to take notes, so I can come home and write in my diary/blog about everything that went down. In the first five or ten minutes of Gillian's panel I just wrote, "Holy hell this is awkward."

I don’t know what Gillian was on, but it was something. She was unfocused and rambling, which I have seen in celebrities before *cough* Jonathan Frakes *cough*, but it was odd to see her in such a disheveled state. It’s odd to hear Scully dropping f-bombs. However, she did pull it together more as time went on, and gave us gems such as, “Even if you’re an alien you can still do good work.”

Highlights of this panel:

“Scully would vote for Hillary, Mulder would vote for Bernie, and Cigarette Smoking Man would vote for Trump.”

“I don’t like talking to people in general.”

“Once I was in a music video where I watched robots having sex. *pause* A day in the life.”

A fan told her, “Hey, I love some of your work!” She flipped him off.

A little girl was asking a question, and her sister stood beside her, cosplaying a Dalek. Gillian was obsessed with this Dalek costume, and wouldn’t answer the question until the sister told her more about the costume, and why she was wearing it. Gillian asked the girl why she was at Fan X, and this happened:

Little girl: “Our family likes to come here to have fun. When our dad found out you were going to be here he absolutely freaked out.”

The audience exploded with laughter. Gillian had the dad stand up and wave; it was hilarious.

All in all Gillian reminded me of Carrie Fisher, who is not of those celebrities you should go up and talk to in Starbucks, which is fine. They’ve been doing this for so many years, and you can tell that they’re jaded now. I get that. But Gillian is doing great work for charity, and auctioned off the actual t-shirt she was wearing at the end of the panel. She got a thousand dollars!

Next was Alan Tudyk. 

Friends, if you ever have the chance to go to an Alan Tudyk panel, freaking do it. This was my third time seeing Alan speak, and he is by far my favorite panelist. He interacts with the fans, tells crazy stories, and gives out random things he found at his hotel/house/wherever. He calls it his Bag of Sh!t, and it’s aptly named. Items given out today include: A copy of the New York Times, a letter from Warner Brothers congratulating him on a pilot he filmed, and a contact from his left eye. It’s always a rollercoaster with Alan.

Highlights of this panel:

Someone screamed, “We love you, Wash!” when he came out. Alan said, “They could be saying, “We love you, comma, wash. You smell.’”

“I should have known. A leaf on the wind…… is dead.
Question: Who was your favorite person to work with on Con Man?
Fan, screaming from audience: You can’t pick yourself!
Alan: *looks confused*
Moderator: They say you can’t pick yourself.
Alan: Oh. I thought someone yelled, “Cam Pickersell,” and I was trying to remember who that was. “Yeah, Cam Pickersell, he was great.”

Fan asking question: You’ve had so many roles—
Alan, interrupting: Dinner rolls, cinnamon rolls, so many cinnamon rolls……

Giving a fan an empty manila envelop marked “ATTN: Alan Tudyk,”: I did give it my attention. Now you can give it your attention. Put whatever you like in it. Sandwiches. Swatches of fabric.

Talking about his producer: “He keeps my brain free of actual knowledge.”

Alan saw Something Rotten on Broadway!!

Talking about being naked on set once, “It was fun for the first five minutes, then it was horrible. I mean, why was Accounting on set?!?!’”

He said Comeuppance would be a band name. Alan Tudyk and I both come up with band names. I’m so glad we have this bond.

The best story: At a convention in Ontario he told the crowd that there might be a second Firefly movie because Nathan Fillion had mdae some comment to that effect, and then his inbox exploded with his people being like, “WHY DID YOU SAY THAT???” He had an email from Joss Whedon (the creative genius who wrote and directed Firefly) that said, “I hear we’re making a movie. Can’t wait to read it. Who’s directing it?” Alan makes the best panicked reaction faces ahhh.

 “I hate to get Google alerts about me, because I know the people at Lucas Film (he’s in the Star Wars Rogue One movie) are getting the same alerts.”


After Alan was Summer Glau, who is a tiny, gorgeous, woman who could beat me up and I would thank her. She’s so hardcore in all her film roles, and then she tells she can hear her baby saying, “Mama” from off-stage and your heart just melts.


She agrees with xkcd that a RiverTam Beats Up Everyone movie needs to be made.

Forget Batman v Superman, I want a Deadpool v River movie.

She told several stories about how incredible Joss Whedon’s dialogue is; how did he get so talented and when do I get to meet him? Any time I hear a Whedon actor talk I fall more in love with him.

“I’d never seen the Terminator films, but I think they are part of America.” Her inflection there made this line hilarious.

Next up, George Takei. Now I feel like he’s more of a facebook presence than anything (I promise you have at least four friends who constantly share George Takei posts), but he was Sulu on Star Trek. He was great; his smile could power a small sun. After the initial roar of applause died down he said, “Well, isn’t this a hotbed of geeks and nerds?” That was the moment I fell in love with him. 

I want him and William Davies as great-uncles, stat. The first fifteen minutes he did as a speech, a breakdown of why Star Trek was so important to the country when it came out, and why it has endured for the last fifty years. Then he took questions from the fans.

He did the infamous “Oh my” that Howard Stern uses on his show. I hate Howard Stern but even he can recognize a good thing.

When a fan greeted him in Spanish he responded, and they exchanged a few words in Spanish. Then George said, “Should I answer in Spanish? No, we don’t want to shame the monolinguals.”

He spent some of his teenage years in an internment camp, and hearing him talk about that was very powerful. In yesteryear we were afraid of the Japanese, now the tide has turned against the Muslim population. America, we wrongfully imprisoned thousands of our citizens once. Let’s not ever do that again.

George says that Star Trek: The Undiscovered Country should be called Captain Sulu to the Rescue, and notes that Sulu’s ship, the Excelsior, is larger than the Enterprise. He described Kirk as “the aging captain of the Enterprise” ahhaa I love it.

The best part of this panel was when he was asked about the commercials he’s done for Taco Bell recently. The fan asked if he had tried the food he was advertising and George immediately went, “They’re fantastic! Have you tried them? They’re so good! Where is the nearest Taco Bell? You all need to go to Taco Bell. After you leave this convention, you all need to inundate Taco Bell.” I was dying. Later in the panel the staff put “#NearestTacoBell” up on the screens and I died again. It turned out #NearestTacoBell was trending because of us. It was made better for me by the fact that the dude who asked the question was sitting in the row behind me, and he was mortified. “Why did I ask that?!?” I know that feel, bro. #NearestTacoBell

After my five hours of straight panels, I was ready to get out of that ballroom. I headed onto the vendor floor to spend my allotted souvenir budget. THERE’S SO MUCH. I bought art, and keychains, and seriously considered some Gandalf socks. I want to buy all of the original art!!!!!! And there are thousands of pins, weapons, masks, games, toys, anything and everything geeky under the sun. It blows my mind. 

During this time I ran into a Spike cosplayer; I've only ever seen a handful, but this one was on point. I immediately had to ask him for a picture, and even that ten second interaction with a cosplayer left me blushing for minutes. You know that character that you always have been and always will be hopelessly in love with? Spike is that for me.

Not pictured: My flustered blushing

After my shopping extravaganza and break (like I said yesterday, there comes  a point where you need to silently stare at a wall for a while), I went to the latter half of a toy collecting panel. I have zero interest in toy collecting, but they were doing a raffle, and I won a free comic book! I now own my first ever comic book!! Another area of nerdom may be about to open before me.

I watched the first half of the Chandler Riggs panel. I stopped watching Walking Dead when I stopped dating the guy who watched it with me, because watching murderous zombies without someone to cuddle with is something that appeals to me exactly zero amount. Carl was never my favorite character anyway, and it was odd to see such a young celebrity. His hair is out of control. 

He does, however, like the bad joke “CORAL” meme, which I thoroughly approve of. Yelling, "CORAL" (which is how 'Carl' sounds with Rick Grimes' accent) was my favorite part of the show.

Next was the Awkward Encounters with Celebrities panel, which was hilarious. One guy told a story about how his parents met Donny Osmond, and he told them he liked their baby. Then Donny Osmond saw the parents fifteen years later, in the same restaurant, and asked how their baby was doing. Donny do you live in an Olive Garden

One reporter was doing a red carpet interview at a Star Wars premiere and George Lucas kept heckling him, “Don’t believe this guy, he’s lying.”

At Sundance someone made fun of Val Kilmer by calling him a cowboy and he was not impressed.

One girl almost got hit by Arnold Schwarzenegger’s limousine, and he offered to buy her a new bike.

It was a fun panel, is what I’m saying.

That was my last panel of the day; I did another walk around of the vendor hall to get an idea of anything I might want to pick up tomorrow (it’s not an impulse buy if you plan ahead) and then drove home.

When I got home there was tons of pizza and also PUPPIES. MY ROOMMATE HAD A PARTY AND RENTED PUPPIES. THIS DAY WAS ON FELIX FECLIIS.  Pretty much the only way to keep me from retreating to my room at a party where I know where very few people is to introduce puppies to the party. I petted all four of those puppies, and tried to take selfies with them, with limited success. Puppies do not like to take selfies.

What a day. I love Comic Con, but I’m glad it’s only twice a year, for three days at a time. I was exhausted when I left. I stand by what I’ve often said, though, which is that everyone should come for at least one day, once. It’s a different country, man, but it’s such a great country.

The girl is making the same face I did.

The Force Awakens Leia cosplayers give me life

That feel when your favorite politician is even showing up at Comic Con

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