Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Getting Attacked by Honey-Nut-Feelios

(This is a fangirl post I'm sorry I tried so hard to write a "real" post instead but this is what you get)

I learned last Thursday that Doctor Who was getting pulled from Netflix on February 1st. I haven't been a fervent Doctor Who fan for years; I fell off the fandom bus when Moffat took over and the show started being about manufactured moments and impossible backstory. I never got into Matt Smith's Doctor, and I left when Rory did. However, while my love has of late grown cold, nostalgia pricked my heart. Nine and Ten's seasons were good. True, I hadn't watched a Doctor Who episode in ages, but it was nice to know that I could, if I wanted to. My weekend became dedicated to a Doctor Who binge rewatch.

David Tenannt (Tenth Doctor) is the runaway favorite of most fangirls, and I was gearing up for the strong emotion that accompanied his seasons, specifically the Rose seasons. I was prepared for his dorky mannerisms (".....wellllllll"), constant energy, and hair. Oh, that hair. David Tenannt is one of my few celebrity crushes who isn't a middle-aged British comedian, and I thought I was prepared for the feels. 

That didn't work out so well. I never made it that far. Christopher Eccleston (Ninth Doctor) stomped all over my heart before I ever made it to David Tennant's episodes, and I was not prepared.

Nine owns my soul now, basically. He is a very understated Doctor, but it's PERFECT. His wit is so dry, but it kills me. I wasn't prepared for his sass, and I should've been. This is a rewatch. How could I forget???? Also, talking about Nine/Rose makes me want to claw my heart out of my chest and cry forever. NINE/ROSE YOU GUYS AHHH. I came in prepped to fall in love with Ten/Rose all over again, but Nine looks at Rose like she's spring in his lonely winter and he says her name like it's special LET ME DIE

I watched all of Nine's episodes in one day AND THERE ARE SO MANY THINGS I ADORE ABOUT HIM. "Father's Day" holy freak the acting in this episode is out of control. "The Doctor Dances" no it's fine I didn't need my emotions anyway. Bring back this kind of Doctor Who, and I'll come back. I don't care about special effects, I care about characters. This season gets overlooked too often.

This is not to say that I stopped loving the Tenth Doctor or Ten/Rose. But David Tennant got three seasons and everyone adores him. He got two heart-wrenching season finales with Rose that couldn't help but make fangirls cry. He got iconic episodes like "Blink" and brilliant scripts like "Human Nature" and "Midnight." The special effects were better. He had varied companions. His Doctor was bouncy and charming and inherently lovable. I mean, he quotes Lion King in his first episode. 

And then you have Nine. Nine is undervalued. He's not viewed as being attractive or as funny as Ten. BUT THIS IS WRONG. Nine only gets one season, which is an absolute travesty to me. Nine is grumpy and harsh and clearly struggling with some combination of PTSD and depression. HE JUST LOST HIS PLANET AND ALL THE OTHER TIME LORDS AND HE THINKS IT'S HIS FAULT. Hell tells stupid jokes and tries to disguise his self-loathing. But he loves Rose Tyler with all that he is. 

Ten loves Rose too; they are basically a married couple. But Ten has so much. When he leaves Rose (don't even get me started on how Nine would've dealt with that situation), there is Martha. When Martha leaves, there's River.  He has Madam Pompadour and that maid on the Titanic and many others. Nine has nothing. Ten loves Rose, but he never had to fight for Rose's love. I think I fell in love with Nine/Rose more because Rose fell in love with this damaged, lonely Time Lord and made him believe in something again. AHHH MY HEART. The Ten/Rose episodes are adorable, but the Nine/Rose season is going to be my cause of death.

So I watched Doctor Who constantly until Netflix kicked me off around one in the morning on February 1st, and I remember why so many of us got obsessed with this show. If it was still like the early seasons, I'd still be. NINE AS THE DOCTOR FOREVER. He was always going to be "my Doctor" because he was my first, but upon rewatching I think I love him even more than David Tennant, and David Tennant was pretty perfect. And it really sucks to get re-obsessed with a show right as it gets pulled from Netflix. I'm having withdrawals. I need to finish the Donna episodes and then I need to start right on over again with Christopher Eccleston because I'M IN LOVE WITH HOW HE PLAYS THE DOCTOR.

 Talk to me about the Ninth Doctor, is what I'm saying. Please. I need an outlet for these feelings that have attacked my heart.


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