Thursday, September 24, 2015

Rebecca Blogs Comic Con: Day One

Day one down for my fourth convention! I FREAKING LOVE COMIC CON, let's just start with that. I can’t believe that I didn’t come the first year Salt Lake City organized one because I was afraid that I would be judged for not cosplaying; I thought that you had to have people to go with. Today I spent an hour wandering around Artist Alley and realized that the only time I’ve felt frantic at Comic Con is when I’m trying to make plans with someone else, because you have to keep track of them, and follow them, and it’s lame. When I’m by myself it doesn’t matter where I am, it’s the right place. I can take my own time and I never feel lost. And no cosplay, no problem. (One of these years, though.)
The entrance line took, what, ten minutes? I’m okay with that. I wasn’t so sure about the wristbands at Fan X, but the volunteers/organizers seem to have this down to a science now and I hope the trend continues. I walked in what used to be the gold entrance and reoriented myself to the layout of the main hall. Didn't take long, as it is almost identical to January's layout. (January's Layout is a good name for a band.) I took a jaunt to Celebrity Row first thing to see what’s what. The celebrities have times posted outside their table including when they will be available to sign autographs, which is the most lovely thing in the world. It has caused much fear in my life wondering if I will have a chance to meet people I want to, and this alieveiates that. I noticed Sean Astin’s line was short, so I jumped in, although I hadn't planned on meeting any celebrities today. I made friends with two girls cosplaying Kim Possible and Jack Harkness and a fellow who was very chatty, very friendly, and quite funny. He was an OC from the Pokemon universe, I believe. We all had a good time talking to the little girl behind us, who told us she was Supergirl, with lightning powers.

Lightning Supergirl
Meeting Sean Astin was cool. I told him that he was my little sister’s favorite actor in the world, and he said my little sister has good taste. I mean, I like him too-- heaven knows I'm all about Samwise-- but Julia is in a class all her own when it comes to loving Sean Astin. He is her James Marsters. (Sometimes I still have happy flashbacks to meeting James Marsters.)

There was a Buffy panel I wanted to go to at four, so I snuck in the room around 3:30 and caught the tail end of a discussion about Star Wars RPGs. Best quote was about the use of present day technology in a Star Wars movie:  “Leia could have emailed the Death Star plans to herself but then there wouldn’t be a movie.”

The Buffy panel was so great! I didn’t go to any non-celebrity panels at the last convention, but this reminded me how much I like them. I wanted to sit down and discuss more topics with each of the panelists. They talked about Buffy being an icon of strength, but not because of her supernatural abilities. Willow, Tara, Anya, and even Cordelia and Joyce were strong in their own ways because Joss Whedon “writes fully realized characters.” The moderator, Travis Tate, was a funny dude and the other man on the panel, Christopher, was so chill and like, “I have learned that sometimes men need to take a step back and let the women take charge.” He named his daughter Buffy, which I can't help but admire. Riley was mentioned and we were all like, “…..eww” One of the panelists commented that we all did a simultaneous eye roll. The moderator said that he saw that actor in another movie where he gets shot by Tom Cruise. Quote: “I was like, ‘Finally! Yeah, Tom Cruise! Shoot him again!’” Angel was also called a wuss. #MyKindofPanel Season six was summed up as “Everyone failed so spectacularly at making decisions in life," which is exceedingly accurate. I love Buffy and I love talking about Buffy and I love people who love Buffy, so basically I loved it. 

After that panel I headed over to the new ballroom (they combined the north and south into one ginormous one). I caught the last portion of Studio C's panel (Matt continues to be too attractive for his own good) and then moved up several sections closer for the next panel, the Phelps twins, James and Oliver. (Fred and George.) They were both gorgeous and adorable. Oliver did most of the talking while James was quieter. Their accents are to die for; I freaking love British men. When they first came out we all screamed our hearts out and after that subsided Oliver said, “I thought there was going to be about three men and a dog here.” YOU THOUGHT WRONG, MR PHELPS. You thought wrong.

Highlights of the Phelps twins-- Q: “Which character do you wish you could have saved?” James: “I can think of one.” Oliver was silent a long time and then said, “Definitely Dumbledore.” As I mentioned, Oliver was doing more of the talking and after one question James looked over and said, “May I speak?” all snide like. They’re such brothers I can’t stand it. Q: “How do you feel about Voldemort?” Oliver: “He’s alright.” James: “Misunderstood.” Talking about a muggle Quidditch match he had observed, Oliver said, “I didn’t know people got sent to hospital doing it, but they do." The moderator had them answer a bunch of snap questions at the same time and they were almost all the same, causing the audience to roar. We delight in the twin-ness of them. They wouldn’t weigh in on either the DC/Marvel rivalry or Star Wars/Trek because "that's like jumping into a bear pit." When talking about football teams back in England someone in the back yelled out, “Chelsea!” and they both booed. James’ patronus would be a hedgehog because “they’re quite zippy but when trouble comes they don’t want to be there.” A hilarious story was told about running from fans in Paris. (Apologies for the horrible picture quality.)

After the Phelps twins I went to explore the main hall more thoroughly. I bought a time turner and my annual Comic Con shirt. I found the Pop Culture Cat booth again! I was thrilled because I have been thinking about this booth since the last convention. I shared this with the artist and she was flattered. It’s seriously the best thing in the world, though. I already have Han Solo cat, Harry Potter cat, Thor cat, Hawkeye cat, and Tenth Doctor cat. Today I bought Tardis cat and a yellow shirt Star Trek cat.

 I love Artist Alley because all the CREATIVITY. I picked up so many business cards. I stopped to look at one man’s geeky children’s books and ended up buying If You Give a Jawa a Broken Droid, Go Smaug Go, Goodnight Wampa, and If You Give a Hobbit a Ring. They are all perfect. I swear, I seldom make impulse buys but at Comic Con the money flies itself out of my purse.

So that’s day one completed. My favorite cosplayers: two Thermians from Galaxy Quest who looked, sounded, and acted exactly like the movie. Lots of pirates around today. (There was an awesome pirate ship which I plan to get pictures of tomorrow.) Also, a family of Incredibles. The family that cosplays together, stays together.

It was a beautiful day and I felt so grateful to be a part of it all.

Times are tough: Superman has taken a second job.

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