Monday, March 9, 2015

Actor Crushes

If there is anything more lovely than the feeling you get when someone *gets* you, I don’t know what it is. Finding multiple people that do is nigh unto a miracle. I've had several experiences like this over the last few weeks, but the ones I'm writing about today are the theatrical ones.

The production of The Importance of Being Earnest that I was in closed on Saturday. I played Cecily Cardew, and it was one of the most delightful theatrical experiences I’ve ever had. Oscar Wilde’s words are sparkling, the corset and costume made me feel “excessively pretty”, and it is an intoxicating feeling to hear laughter after your lines. But more than any of these, the cast is what made the show spectacular. I have seen almost all of these people in multiple productions, but never worked with them, with one exception. I was in Hello, Dolly! with Bryan, but had only interacted with Jeff, JoAnn, Andria, Jorden, and Connie from the perspective of audience-to-performer. I saw Heather in a stunning production of Company, but the others I had seen not at all.

Bonding with these talented and hilarious people over the last three months has made me so happy. I love that feeling of connection and chemistry from running a scene so many times you can do it in your sleep. (I am the person who will insist on making show jokes the entire run and afterwards as well. These phrases of dialogue have permanently entered my vocabulary.)

Small, tight casts are literally like family. There were only nine of us, which is smaller than my actual family. This was a cast in which I had a deep connection with any member; something that goes beyond the level of being in a show together. I know them and they know me. They put up with my crazy, and I love them for it.

Over the course of rehearsing and performing this show I have obsessed about Comic Con, a boy, Leonard Nimoy, going out with the boy, Into the Woods, going out with the boy again, my obsession with all things British, and the boy a few more times. They really have been saints for listening to my vent my emotions while pacing endless circles around the stage, the green room, the dressing room. 
(Pacing IS my emotion, and almost involuntary.)

I feel so much and fail so spectacularly at putting emotion into words. I could talk about this show, this cast, this experience for hours. In the end it’s all about love.

Like Cecily, I feel very happy. 

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