Sunday, February 1, 2015

Rebecca Blogs FanX (Saturday)

Well, friends, another convention has drawn to a close. I'm already anxious for September; Comic Con is one of my absolute favorite things. Yesterday was a rather bittersweet day, as I couldn't shake the shadow of it all ending, but it was still great to be there, mingling among my people. If I get around to it I plan to write a longer post about the "joyful spirit" of conventions, because it fascinates me. 

I had rehearsal till noon and a callback at two, but in the brief time between these things I went to Artist's Alley and bought a sweet Spike poster. Original art is so wonderful. I love the coloring and the cigarette and his gorgeous cheekbones. While at that table I heard, “Rebecca!” and looked over to see my friend Andrew at a different table and ran over to talk to him. It was nice to see him again. I've met people I know all three days, and I love that.

After the callbacks, which involved lots of dancing, I was tired and starving.I was starving and got nachos and a hot dog at the food court, then went into the ballroom for the last even, the cosplay contest. I’ve never gone to one of those before, but I plan to in future. It was a good note to end on. They had a kid’s category first, and I sat there and cried. I love how people love things like I do, and kids are an emotional weak point. There was a “dark power ranger” who started break dancing, a shy TMNT, and several Links. Too cute. The kid below is Thorin camera quality sucks.

Some costumes are amazing! The clockwork man that I saw the first day was there, and the way he walked and turned to face the audience so mirrored the episode he’s from-- creepy good. A girl in the Cinderella rags dress spun around and it turned into the ball gown. Glad I caught that on video; it was like magic. I have no idea how she rigged it up. Post-apocalyptic Ash Ketchum was unexpectedly hilarious to me. (Speaking of unexpectedly hilarious, Han Solo singing ‘Royals’ in line behind me the other day definitely belongs in that category.) Tulio and Miguel, Edward Scissorhands, a Bowser made of balloons, Al Capone: the entries were as varied as the attendees. The costumes that won were two girls playing Thor and Loki , and they were legit. It apparently has taken them three years to get them put together. They did a kind of dance duel and Thor gets stabbed and hits Loki with the hammer but then hugs him and it was perfect. (I saw a Thor going down the escalator with a child yesterday and in my head he was like, “Let us descend carefully down these moving stairs, child.” Oh, Thor.)  

I was very emotional and tired and everyone was dancing and I just wish the whole world could be like Comic Con where everyone loves things and nobody’s judging or mocking and it is an exuberant and glorious place that I think everyone should visit at least once. I never wanted it to end.

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