Monday, May 26, 2014

Some Brief Thoughts

I haven't blogged since Comic-Con, and I have things I want to say. But I'm not sure how, and I'm not even completely certain what they are.

Isn't timing a peculiar thing? Nothing happens, and nothing happens, and nothing happens, and then EVERYTHING happens.

There is something freeing in admitting that certain people may not like you, and that's okay.

I had the house all to myself for ten days while my roommates roamed the globe, and it first it was great, but by the end it was feeling kinda creepier (I don't believe in ghosts....but sometimes I do) and I was surrounded by loneliness. An introvert is not the same as a recluse.

My boyfriend is moving to Utah!

Summer is such a joyful season. It seems to have bypassed spring this year, but that's Utah for you. Winter, winter, summer. I am loving the green.

One of the aforementioned roommates returned from her European adventure and brought me a bag from Salzburg because she knows I love the Sound of Music, and it made me feel special. The other brought me a colorful bracelet from Costa Rica. I like being remembered.

The year is almost half over. Where is it going? 

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