Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Finding the Bright Side

Oh, friends, this has been a month of exhaustion and if you've been around me at all in the last couple weeks you've probably heard me rant about working way too many late nights and early mornings. But there comes a point where you get tired of wallowing in negativity and have to find something to smile about. So this post is about the little spots of sunshine in life that brighten up the gray days.

--Rewatching Buffy the Vampire Slayer. It's a much slower process this time; I'm savoring it. First season Giles is the best. The absolute best. And I don't understand how anyone can watch this show and not love Buffy Summers. And holy cow is Joyce the ditziest of ever or what? I forgot how ridiculous she is.

--A cute boy texted me out of the blue and called me pretty. DO YOU KNOW HOW OFTEN THAT NEVER HAPPENS???

--After my thirty-six hour shift from hell (with a couple four hour sleep breaks) I now have two closing shifts and then two whole days off. Mmmm. That means I get to sleep in and wake up naturally. My circadian rhythm is set to the beat of a 3:45 a.m. drum so I don't have to set an alarm; I always wake up before seven now.  Four days with sleep and breakfast! #winning

--The Lego Movie. THE LEGO MOVIE IS PERFECT. I want to read a Batman Meets Lando crossover fic so bad. Other best parts: Metalbeard, Bad Cop, and Abraham Lincoln. Historical jokes are the best jokes. I would totally see it again-- everything about it was awesome!

--I'm reading Living My Life by Emma Goldman and I basically want to BE Emma Goldman. I've loved her since discovering Ragtime and it turns out she was EVEN MORE PERFECT than I thought. Feminist, anti-violence, pro-birth control, not afraid of authority, bookworm, emotional lady: everything I love.

--It's seventy degrees and sunny here in Salt Lake. Beautiful-- it feels like April.

--Did I mention that a cute boy called me pretty of his own free will with no prompting from me at all?

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  1. Yay for warmer weather! And that for being called pretty! Which, of course, you absolutely are. :)