Friday, October 12, 2012

Thoughts on Opening Night

Tonight is opening night for Hello, Dolly! in Magna at the Empress Theatre. I highly urge all my friends to come and see the show--  it's going to be FANTASTIC. :D Here are five (poorly written) reasons that you should do so.

1. Hats, hats, and even more hats
There are so many hats in this show, I don't even know. I am a hat fan, and I love getting to wear a beautiful hat each night, although they do tend to make crowded hallways and dressing rooms even more crowded.

2. The classic music
If you can come away from the show without humming "Hello, Dolly!", "Dancing", "Put On Your Sunday Clothes", "Elegance", "It Only Takes a Moment", or "Motherhood March" I will be astonished. These songs get in your head, but they're great!

3. Makes you laugh
This is such a clever show. Dolly is full of one-liners, I find Horace hilarious, and of course there is the one, the only Barnaby Tucker to keep everyone smiling.

4. Genuinely talented cast
Hello, Dolly! has been double cast, but either night you come you will see a great show with a cast that has worked their fannies off getting to this night. The leads are great, and I've had such a fun time getting to know the other ensemble members.

5. Beautiful scenic drive to Magna
Obviously kidding about this one, but in all seriousness the show is completely worth the drive. I'd love to sit down and see the whole thing from start to finish, but I'm dancing in the ensemble. :)

I really do think that you will enjoy the show. Please come!

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  1. Break a leg on your opening night!! Wish I could be there to watch you dance your heart out!! We love you and wish you luck!!! Love, All of us